General Shoeing

TrimmingBen prefers to use wider shoes with a greater surface area for dressage horsesThere's always time for a bit of fun!Everyone's favourite sidekick, Cruise, travels with the team almost every day.Clinching with an audience...Coronet band injury - notice the effect on the hoof wall over time9 months on: Regular shoeing involving pressure-relief of the weak point prevented cracking of the hoof wall and only minor distortion.

Corrective/Therapeutic Shoeing

Abscessed seedy toe: hoof wall resection to drain abscess and relieve pressureAbscessed seedy toe: A rockered heart bar was used to distribute weight and ease break-over, taking pressure off the front (weakened) hoof wall.We use Equi-Pak in horses with recurring soundness issues who require extra comfort and protectionThis horse requires Equi-Pak to displace shock and ease the transfer of shock up the leg to jointsThese special wedges were used for a horse diagnosed with Navicular Disease. Under vet recommendation and using x-rays they were shaped and slightly rockered for extra support.Fitting wedges to the horse with Navicular Disease.We like to balance pigeon toed horses in a way that encourages straight movement of the forelimbs - this helps to avoid any lameness or gait issues.In many cases pigeon toes may be prevented in foals. In adults there is no 'fix' but regular trimming/shoeing is important for management.

Healthy Touch Equine Therapy: Emmett Technique

Before we started shoeing this horse it was chronically lame with continuous abscesses. Emmett was used to release tight, compensating muscles.Regular Emmett is great for elderly horses to ensure aging muscles are working correctly and can remain strong and flexible.Emmett can be used to assist in decreasing fluid build-up in joints.One very happy and relaxed client!Emma has experience working on all horses, big and small.We often use Emmett to assist with calming nervous or stressed horses. In this case it was used to reduce anxiety in a horse which needed a corrective shoe to reduce hoof pain.A great example of how Emmett can stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This improves delivery of nutrients to, and removal of toxins from muscles (improving recovery).

Photos from Ben's time at Brunette Downs, NT